Corn Poppy
(Papaver rhoeas)

Corn Poppy

Papaver rhoeas

Why we chose it them for London

Corn Poppy, Corn Marigold, Cornflower and Mayweed were once a familiar sight in arable fields but modern farming methods have made them much less common. During and after World War I, fields that had been disturbed by battle bloomed with corn poppies. The flowers are an important symbol for Remembrance Sunday in the United Kingdom.

Quick Facts:

Plant type
Herbacious annual

Plant height

Growing conditions
Clay, loam, sand


Season to flower
Summer, Autumn

Additional information

Native to Europe, North Africa, and Asia. The flowers emerge from drooping hairy buds and are born on stems. The flowers measure some 7–10 cm across and have four bright red petals wrapped around dark stamens. The seeds are edible and come from the egg-shaped capsules.

How to plant

Corn poppies grow everywhere but for best performance they grow in areas where summers are not extremely hot and humid. Plants grow best in full sun, but will appreciate some shade. They will grow well-drained soil that is fertile.


We invite you to join us in planting the seed of hope: deepen your relationship with nature, protect and wonder at our vast Earth.

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