In this time of upheaval,
which seed will you plant today?

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The ability to find joy in every day. Each one is a gift.
The perfect dinner guest 🙂
My dream seed is already planted, now my work is to take care of it
Rajiv Cerezo
A seed of compassion A seed of deep love and of deep listening A seed of silence And a song of hope
Eduarda Macedo
Still crazy after all these years
working on planting the seeds of self-love and confidence, so I can better love, encourage, and lift up others.
Savannah Dillard
19-year-old dreamer and someday creator learning to love life
Flowers that will fill the city. With beauty, not gun smoke
stewart aledort
Older man
the seed of the righness and endlessnes of our imagination by my drawings. By making them every day, I hope to add color, hope, space to linger and beauty
Anook Cléonne
artist, tinker and wanderer wihout a map
Seeds that can thrive anywhere on Earth, that provide great nourishment, and that propagate easily and freely. I would plant ACCEPTANCE, UNDERSTANDING, and KINDNESS. shawna
Shawna Thompson
62 years old and scared to the core about the ravages on our planet and each other.
The seeds of kindness make hearts & lives grow. May I be the inspiration of love & to love that so many have inspired me.
Joseph W.
Tall, dark, and mildly handsome
A commitment to live my life to the fullest now– not waiting until I retire.
Red cedar
The seeds of understanding and love
Spiritual Being
cover crops. cover crops like alfalfa, onions, arugula, clover are like the opening band. they do two things: they prep the soil by helping nitrogen fix in the soil composition. that is hyping the crowd up for the main performer. but in doing so they also feed the crowd! (arugula, onions go to the human crowd, alfalfa and clover go to the chickens and livestock). once the headlining crop is planted, they are forgotten, but they dont care. they just do what they do. that teaches me (us?) that we don’t need to be the headliner. we can be the backing band, the understory, and still be 100 percent crucial to the process!
king of the jewbillies

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