Mission Statement

EDEN ENGAGEMENT directly activates that power in young people, igniting their imagination into action to address the environmental challenges they face, and giving them a voice to help create a new “EDEN” for themselves and their community.
Partnering with ITAC, the world-wide network of artists who work in community and educational settings, we are creating a new approach to prove that touring can be a legitimate and powerful tool for change in communities through our work with children and young people across the globe.
In every Eden tour city, we engage a local youth choir to take part in a series of arts-based environmental workshops. Each choir learns the Eden Anthem ‘Seeds of Hope’ to perform with Joyce DiDonato as the encore to her Eden concerts.

Downloadable Resources

If you require further educational materials, or if you would like to be involved with the Eden Engagement program, please get in touch.

Eden Anthem

We invite youth choirs across the globe to learn “Seeds of Hope”. Written by the the 11-13 year olds of Canterbury Choir, Bishop Ramsey CE School, London with Teaching Artist Mike Roberts in an EDEN workshop, inspired by the idea “If trees could sing…”, local choirs in every city on tour are joining Joyce on stage to sing this message of hope!

To mark Take Action Global’s ‘Climate Action Day’, a new EDEN Anthem, ‘Endless Sky’, was premiered on 2nd November 2023 in a special video performance involving 500 young people who are just a small part of the growing ‘EDEN family’ of singers! The sheet music is available for free download at the bottom of the video.

Eden Workshops

ITAC designs and delivers EDEN Engagement, which has teaching artists in every tour city creatively engaging with young people in workshops (in some cities as many as a series of six) to raise their environmental awareness, knowledge, and sense of agency to make a difference with their actions.  

EDEN Workshops

If you would like to support our ongoing Engagement program, please contact us here.

Joyce would like to thank the Hilti Foundation for their generous support of the EDEN Engagement programme.