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30 May 2023

Joyce DiDonato: «Το Eden είναι ένα ταξίδι για την επανασύνδεση του ανθρώπου με τη φύση»

Μιλήσαμε με τη σταρ της όπερας για το πρότζεκτ στο Μέγαρο Μουσικής, τον ακτιβισμό και τα σχέδιά της

29 May 2023

The Baltic Times

On June 20, one of the greatest singers in the history of classical music, Joyce DiDonato, will take the stage at Dzintari.

08 Feb 2023

Québec Chronicle Telegraph

The audience was spellbound.

DiDonato seemed like Eve or Mother Nature walking through the Garden of Eden...

26 Jan 2023

Daily Californian

“EDEN” is an experience of creation, education and music, culminating into a performance that transcends both time and place.

When “EDEN” begins, all but the stage melts away, and nothing but her own striking voice and magnificent symphonic accompaniment are present.