In this time of upheaval,
which seed will you plant today?

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Flavia Darcie Cambauva
A musican and a huge fan of yours!
Every day, I do my best to plant the seeds of joy and confidence in the young singers I coach. For me, singers and musicians are superheroes who show the world the magic of harmonic collaboration. They need all the support they can get – attention, light and love.
Daniel Isengart
Performance Coach
I live in NYC but have 3 acres of land in the Hudson Valley. I will start my tree growing here and then plant it where it can grow up to become its true self.
Carol Rosenfeld
Writer and poet
True romance
Alhelí Alvarado
She artist/academic
Seeds of hope and love for music, opera and voices like DiDonato’s forever. Naturally, this requires that the world continues to exist and to grow healthy.
Karin MacHardy
Historian and fiction writer
Laura H
Scholar lady
I try to plant the seed of music in the people whom I befriend. Many of them already provide fertile soil for that; the seed is already planted. But it is not central to their being, to their core. By adding my seeds to their fecund garden, I hope to help grow what might be a small plant into rich and thriving flower.
Charles H. Riggs, III
Opera lover, people lover, party person!
I planted,in everyday, the seeds of love and hope, praying for my own beloved people and thanks God for all the gifts: life, nature, healthy and the Angels arround me! Viva Eden in our life!
Mariana Mirescu
Artist, opera singer
To believe in the power I have to exact change in the world.
Amanda Panos
Wife Friend Sister Daughter Lover of problem Solving
A seed of happiness in simple things.
Jennifer Townsley
Teacher and helper
The seed of stopping for a moment to look and appreciate what I have, and of spreading the joy of fresh and renewed hope with those around me and afar.
M Barrera
a human being
Hugs to world 🌎
Patrick Keenan
Plants to love 💘

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