In this time of upheaval,
which seed will you plant today?

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The seeds of kindness make hearts & lives grow. May I be the inspiration of love & to love that so many have inspired me.
Joseph W.
Tall, dark, and mildly handsome
A commitment to live my life to the fullest now– not waiting until I retire.
Red cedar
The seeds of understanding and love
Spiritual Being
cover crops. cover crops like alfalfa, onions, arugula, clover are like the opening band. they do two things: they prep the soil by helping nitrogen fix in the soil composition. that is hyping the crowd up for the main performer. but in doing so they also feed the crowd! (arugula, onions go to the human crowd, alfalfa and clover go to the chickens and livestock). once the headlining crop is planted, they are forgotten, but they dont care. they just do what they do. that teaches me (us?) that we don’t need to be the headliner. we can be the backing band, the understory, and still be 100 percent crucial to the process!
king of the jewbillies
Robin Anne Casalta
Mezzo soprano and music teacher
seed of peace
white ciswomà
I will plant the seeds from the incredible Eden concert! And I will water the seeds of my own love of the natural world.
Ocean worshipper and opera lover (or vise versa).
Flowers for the bees. Kale for the butterflies. And squashes for me.
Nature lover
I paint paintings focused on beauty and humor, they bring joy to people and myself.
Anna Katalkina
Painter of playful, inspired by Dutch Old Masters, still lifes
A reminder that Eden is what at least two dozen visionaries throughout history attempted to recreate through their words and their dreams (from Enmetena the first emancipator in ancient Sumer to the writer of the J and E strands in Exodus to Buddha to Confucius to Socrates to Jesus to Ulpian to Mohammed to Langton to Deganawida to Nanak to Wollstonecraft to Jefferson to Adams to Bahá’u’lláh to Parker to King, etc.). But it is music that is the most potent force we have for awakening such dreams. Nothing else comes close. Thank you!
Geoffrey Riggs
For the beauty of the earth, for the glory of the skies, for the love which from our birth over and around us lies
wife, church chorister, webmeister, sailor

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